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Sub-Label Publishing™ and Sub-Label Recordings Ltd. is part of the Sub-Label Group and is responsible for collecting royalties on behalf of our Artists and the Company. We are a fully responsible and active Company, which subscribes to a fair distribution of Royalties and recognition for the Artist. All media played in any public outlet is legally obliged to pay Royalty contributions back to the Artist and the Label Company and Group.

When music is used commercially and, or in a public place, royalties are due to both the the copyright owner and the songwriters. When releasing music with the Label, Sub-Label Publishing will act to collect any royalties owed, as well as protecting the musical rights.

Therefore, any Artist who signs a recording, multiple recordings, or a remix of a recording; is fully protected under the Law of United Kingdom against any unauthorised public performance, or illegal distribution of its recordings, unless provided under licensed authority.

Sub-Label Recordings Ltd. is fully responsible in supporting the Artist, and in providing a fair distribution of monies gained through a subscribed Royalty Payments Scheme as noted within each contract per Artist and per project. This means, all Royalties shall be fully collected wherever an appropriate License has been obtained to allow public performance of such material works.

Any Artists releasing their material with Sub-Label Recordings Ltd., are legally entitled to obtain full reports of performance and accounts record. Any Artist who wishes to obtain further information concerning their material released under the Label, should contact us directly at the following email address:

Please Do Not use this email address for any other purpose.

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Please Note: Any misuse, false representation, copying, illegal distribution, pirating, and repress without permission, of material recordings owned and published by Sub-Label Recordings Ltd., is forbidden without permission. All material released under this Company will remain the sole property of the label, and such unauthorised use, will be prosecuted to the full extent under the Law.

Any Company or media outlet who wishes to make direct contact with the Record Label Company and Sub-Label Publishing™, concerning any publication rights, should do so by writing to one of the following:

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