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Record Label Promo List Sign-Up for Sub-Label Recordings. Our promo list is to help promote the new releases on the record label. You can give feedback to the label and the artists we are promoting. We send full quality versions of the tracks ahead of official release dates. We like to encourage you to use these in DJ sets. You will only be added to the Sub-Label Recordings Promo List if you are performing DJ sets, both online or at venues and events.

Thank you for the support on behalf of everyone involved with Sub-Label Recordings.

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If you are interested in working with Sub-Label Recordings or feel your music is the type that we are looking for, contact us. You can send a demo using the contact page or a personalised email to the A&R Department. Be mindful of the styles of music that we represent but we are still open minded to all music.

Take a listen to our multi genre catalogue of releases on YouTube and Soundcloud. Listen to the styles and artists that we are working with. They are generally in the four styles: Techno, Electronica, House and Drum and Bass.

We also offer mixing and mastering for all artists and musicians. Even if you don’t fit the genres released by Sub-Label Recordings.