Marc Vain – Melancholia

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Release Date: 12th January 2015

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Marc Vain – Melancholia – SLR006 available on Sub-Label Recordings – Black – Techno Record Label.

Marc Vain releases his Melancholia EP with Sub-Label Recordings. Bringing up front banging Detroit style techno. These deep grooves are perfectly suited for the dance floor. Marc Vain draws on classic Detroit sounds. Using dense snares, strings, bells and chimes over pulsing, innovative rhythms. At the same time, these tracks reinforce the cultural links between Detroit and Europe.

To begin with, we have a rich selection of synth work. This is beautiful to listen to. On the whole, a strong release in the techno genre in a 5 track EP by Marc Vain.

Marc Vain – Melancholia – SLR006 available on Sub-Label Recordings – Black – Techno Record Label.

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