John Torri – Primary Sequence

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Release Date: 23rd February 2015

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John Torri – Primary Sequence – SLR001 available on Sub-Label Recordings – Black – Techno Record Label.

The birth of Sub-Label Recordings is realised with the delivery of their first EP on the Black label, courtesy of John Torri. This collection of tracks titled Primary Sequence is a trio of originals from the well-versed Italian DJ / producer. Hypnotic and analogue in nature; the EP spotlights some key influences, not least in the form of classic Detroit and 303 flavours.

Firstly, ‘Barricades‘ epitomises this vintage tone. Continually being driven by a growling acid bassline. Although, not devoid of melodics and sweeping musicality. Including a depth and magic that sums up this producer.

Secondly, we have ‘Hidden in the Shadows‘. In a word, this is a tougher, industrial techno session. This track is oozing slick and crunching percussive licks. Accentuating a depth and prowess qualified to induce the dance floor. To illustrate, this track typifies Torri’s diversity within the techno scene.

Lastly, we have the expertly juxtaposed, ‘The Hole‘. Amazingly, this track completes the EP with a further deviation. Including an underbelly of acid. This creates an infectious rhythm. Inviting detroit-infused techno stabs and melodics to dance around the headspace. Above all, John Torri has set a standard for the music on the label. Accordingly, we look forward to releasing more music with John very soon.

John Torri – Primary Sequence – SLR001 available on Sub-Label Recordings – Black – Techno Record Label.

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