John Torri: Metropolis

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John Torri stuns with his latest release on Sub Label Records – the Metropolis EP.

Title track ‘Metropolis‘ is machine-like, deep and dark, a dancefloor epic.
The bassline and drums roll through you while syncopated snares and stabs of sound scatter.

The music is compelling and devoid of repetition – it moves in fluid transitions from one movement to the next.

This is a futuristic statement. High fidelity science fiction. Brilliant.
Unknown Object‘ commences with a thundering 4/4 drum beat overlaid with glitchy percussion.

The bassline is raw and violent, classic techno snares dance with industrial synths.
Percussive expression performed by robots? The dance ritual of a mechanised tribe?
Detroit via Bergamo.

Astral Shift‘ is atmospheric and progressive. 5am warehouse vibes.
Pounding kick drum, clicks, synths, and snares. Echo and reverb. A monster in the dark.

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