John Torri – Invisible Orbits

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Release Date: 31st March 2015


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John Torri – Invisible Orbits – SLR002 available on Sub-Label Recordings – Black – Techno Record Label.

Sub-Label Recordings move forward with their second release on the Black Label. Once again calling upon Italy’s John Torri to drop a trilogy of inimitable underground electronica. Skillfully packaged as the ‘Invisible Orbits‘ EP.

Firstly, ‘Decadence‘ is an aptly titled slice of deep, brooding techno. A plethora of layers, twists and turns showcases Torri’s ability to couple rhythm and depth, accentuating a style that is versatile for both home and club listening environments.

Next, ‘The Chariot in the Sky‘. Which unmistakably highlights a Detroit influence. Including the classic 909 grooves that provide a rollercoaster of rhythm. While at the same time, a driving sub-bass provides a fitting backbone. All the while, high stabs offer light and shade. This is a well rounded and beautifully executed slice of techno.

Finally, the EP closes with ‘Replace Sequence‘. This track moves the listener into deeper territory. Incorporating a filtered, thudding kick leading the way. It’s not long before an infusion of strange and kooky musings rise to the fore. Therefore, has created a body of sound destined for the more discerning late-night dancefloor.

John Torri – Invisible Orbits – SLR002 available on Sub-Label Recordings – Black – Techno Record Label.

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