John Ov3rblast: Spacing of the Spheres

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The Spacing Of The Spheres EP by John Ov3rblast’s provides a new departure through techno. Deep moods from the north of England.

‘The Wheeling Star’ is a dark, soaring progressive techno groove. A rumbling, mechanised monster with snatches of rippling bass-line beneath a brooding cinematic synth riff.

‘A Stranger In A Strange Land’ and ‘Synchronicities’ beat their way through ambient soundscapes. The former is a pulsing, percussive march through a celestial atmosphere. The latter a dubby, ambient symphony. Tribal breakbeats and chants, a deep Balearic feel.
‘Bodinstrasse’ is as deep as its namesake beneath Berlin. A shuffling percussive foundation supporting intricate arpeggiated chimes, bells and synth stabs. Fragile beauty in the sound.

‘Divination’ and ‘Subspaces’ move purposefully through psychedelia and science fiction. Glitchy and spooky. Spectral voices and distant transmissions from afar. Downtempo rhythms from the depths of the machine.

‘Reach For The Lasers’ offers another deeply psychedelic impression. Shimmering, staccato instruments. Pulsing, syncopated waves of sound moving between deep percussion and beat less movements. A futuristic statement.

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Digital Download and very limited Double Pack Vinyl


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