Forbidden Planet – One

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Forbidden Planet’s One is available via digital download and limited edition CD formats.

Release Date: 30th July 2018

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Forbidden Planet – One – SLR010 available on Sub-Label Recordings – White. Which is a Dub-Techno & Ambient Electronica Record Label.

This is a journey. Consisting of electronica, techno and ambient music styles. From start to finish, each track shows a depth of sonic knowledge. Including the sound design, synth work, musicality and sonic presence.

So, ‘Forbidden Planet’ are a dynamic and talented music production team. Consisting of James Reid (ex-Blue Amazon) and Christophe Bride. There is magic within this album of tracks. As an example, they craft rich tapestries. Including distinctive analogue sounds. In addition to, crisp drums, and powerful bass, all oozing with ambience.

This album, One is Forbidden Planet’s debut release on the label. Above all, it derives from a huge studio. This is filled with an array of classic, authentic synthesisers. Including, Moogs, Rolands and Junos. As well as the TB-303, Oberheims and more. So, this is an journey to listen to as a collection of tracks together.

Finally, we are proud of this album. Very proud. So, we felt we had to give more release options. And so, we have a limited run of CDs. This can be ordered direct from the this page.

Forbidden Planet – One – SLR010 available on Sub-Label Recordings – White – Dub-Techno & Ambient Electronica Record Label.

This EP and the entire record label catalogue is available to buy directly. From the Sub-Label Recordings website, also the iTunes Store, Traxsource and Juno.

Alternatively, the Album ‘One’, and the rest of the SLR catalogue, can be heard on all major services including; Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud and including YouTube.

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