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Release Date: February 11th, 2019


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Chro-Mag – Blurred Image – SLR015 available on Sub-Label Recordings – Black – Techno Record Label.

Sub-Label Recordings welcome Chro-Mag to the label with a superb debut EP. This is ‘Blurred Image’, a three track release exploring techno and experimental sound design. Which is a fantastic collection of tracks that show the diversity of the artist.

Firstly we have ‘Warped Heart’ which drives towards your senses. With the infectious rhythm of the drum pattern and bass line combined. This all holds the track together perfectly for the higher lead part. Which dances over the rest of the track to steal the focus as the music progresses.

Second on the EP is the track: ‘Slipstream’. A darker exploration of Chro-Mag sound. Which leans more towards minimal techno with its hypnotic drums, eerie vocal part and reverberant textural sounds. The track layers build up into an immense wall of sound which is something special to listen to.

Finally we have the EP title track ‘Blurred Image’. In short, this takes us towards the more groove and deeper side to the techno genres, including the upbeat percussion and heavily modulated pads. At the same time, the drums evolve along with the rest of the instrumentation, which creates an impressive amount of energy to end the EP with. That is to say, until you rewind and replay.

Chro-Mag – Blurred Image – SLR015 available on Sub-Label Recordings – Black – Techno Record Label.

This EP and the entire record label catalogue is available to buy directly from the Sub-Label Recordings website and also the iTunes Store, Traxsource and Juno.

Alternatively, the Chro-Mag – Blurred Image EP, and the rest of the SLR catalogue, is streamable on all major streaming services including; Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud and including YouTube.

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