Future Music

At Sub-label Recordings, we wanted to expand on the standard way of doing things for Record Labels. We wanted to support the Artist and guide them towards better production quality, better ways of promoting their music, whilst adapting to new and upcoming market trends.

We have implemented a 360 degree feedback system giving Artists an insight on how progress within their production needs. A marketing and advertising division to the label, ensuring all your advertising spread is done whilst you the Artist may remain focused on your music production.

Taking things a little further, we have taken the initiative to provide a service to the Artist, where we upload and promote the Artist via a marketing/advertising process. We do this for general standard releases anyway to an extent, but we hope to upgrade this service should you decide to release any tracks via a Crypto-based digital stream platform. In doing so, we are working in-line with the guidelines and ethos provided by Choon.

Please use the following links to learn more about how you can benefit from these services, and to understand more on how we can support you.