Community and Support



We are proud sponsors and participants of charitable causes. The very idea of SLR came from supporting and nurturing upcoming talent and Artists that often get caught in the ‘bottle neck’ of things. It comes as no surprise therefore, that we have set up a special fund for current and future sponsorship deals.


Yes we do! So, we have pledged our funds for the next 2 years, in supporting the local youth team: U10 Salford Storm FC. It is an absolute pleasure backing these future stars in the hope they get the best support, so they can go on to achieve their dreams.

As a registered UK Company, and as a Record Label, we are bound to creativity and providing a professional service to our communities. We are happy to back any cause where we can offer our support towards future growth in any creative industry and projects.

If you feel you can benefit from our support, please get in touch. We can only offer 1 sponsorship deal per year, and we are currently considering any upcoming applications from Summer 2022.

All applications must be backed by local community support and evidence will be required when considering your application.

If you wish to be considered for a sponsorship deal, please get in touch with your proposal by emailing the SLR Admin Team on:


You can find out more about our current sponsored club here: 



**If you wish to buy any of the kit and help support our cause, we will donate 50% profits directly back to the club. Please contact us at the email address provided to discuss your proposal.***