Sub-Label Recordings is a multi-genre record label releasing electronic based music. The label formed in 2012 in Salford, Manchester, UK. We are a team made up of 2 core Directors: Nad Asghar and Ben Jacob; who bring about a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the music industry in both traditional bands and electronic music.

We are not just a Record Label, but a registered UK Company. Under Sub-Label Recordings Ltd., we run 4 ‘sub-labels,’ covering a wide spectrum of electronic music and the many sub-genres.

Sub-Label Black is firmly rooted in outright Techno, taking influences that range from Detroit-Berlin-UK.

Sub-Label Red provides more melodic and progressive sounds, whilst moving through to traditional House styles.

Sub-Label White is influenced by deeper, more ambient and dub sounds of Electronica.

Sub-Label Yellow is our latest extension, which focuses more on the liquid, minimal and ambient inspired Drum and Bass styles.

Furthermore, the Label is working in-line with the newest and upcoming approach, of streaming and eventually downloading and purchasing music. This comes in the shape of crypto-based artist-consumer platforms. Thus, the label has formed a contract which complies with the strict regulations set by ‘Choon,’ where we provide a 360 degree service; and where 50% of the royalty payments go back to the Artist.

The Label aims to provide a service where we manage the Artists’ music from the beginning – mastering, marketing & advertising, promotions to CD/Vinyl release formats as well as digital.

We are here to support Artists and release their music that is of a high quality standard. We know you can do much of this yourself, but we wanted to provide a faster and better way, while you remain creative with your music. In doing so, we wont ignore you or throw your music away if it doesn’t fit the label. Rather, we want to try and support you towards the right direction. Equally, If we like your music but it doesn’t quite meet the benchmark, then we are happy to work with you until it does.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have, or you wish to explore the additional services we have to offer, as well as enjoy our releases.

Thank you for visiting 🙂