Welcome to Sub-Label Recordings.

A multi genre, electronic music, record label.

We are an electronic music record label, specialising in releasing music from a range of genres including Techno, House, Ambient Electronica and Drum & Bass.

We are not just an electronic music Record Label, but a registered UK Company based in Manchester. Started in 2012 and now operating under Sub-Label Recordings Ltd., we run 4 ‘sub-labels,’ covering a wide spectrum of electronic music and the many sub-genres.

The label originally started as Sub-Label Black. And is firmly rooted in outright Techno. Taking influences that range from Detroit-Berlin-UK.

Next, Sub-Label Red provides more melodic and progressive sounds, whilst moving through to traditional House styles.

Sub-Label White is influenced by deeper, more ambient and dub sounds of Electronica.

Most recently, Sub-Label Yellow is our latest extension, which focuses more on the liquid, minimal and ambient inspired Drum and Bass styles.

Sub-Label Recordings is part of the Sub-Label Group along with Sub-Label Publishing.

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The record label catalogue is streamable on all major music sites, with playlists on Spotify. Additionally, special edition hard copy formats of certain records are available direct from the website. You can follow the label on all social media websites. Including Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube. All links are in the footer.

Please use the contact page to get in touch with the label. We are open to, and looking for more artists and music producers to work with.

Sub-Label Black - Techno
Sub-Label White - Ambient Electronica Dub Techno
Sub-Label Red - Progressive House Music
Sub-Label Yellow - Drum n Bass Music